What You Should Know Before You Post Your Images On Twitpic

PDN Pulse has a good heads up to a licencing deal Twitpic has reached with 3rd party World Entertainment News Network (WENN).

Twitpic: Laundering Images of Owners’ Rights

So if you are in the business of selling your images you should think twice before posting them through Twitpic. Hard to believe that people would be ok with someone else making money on their images if they realized it. But what I find harder is because of a deal like this some images in spot news situations will not be seen quickly due to not wanting to use the technology available because a 3rd party is making money off it without permission from direct copyright holder. What happened to the ethics of contacting the photographer to get it cleared?

Also worth a read  on PDN Pulse : Time to Quit Using TwitPic?

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